Tips for Recovery

Tips for Recovery

Follow these tips and attend meetings to speed up your recovery.


The best way to learn to drive again is to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that shouldn’t harm anyone. Driving a golf cart is one such vehicle. In order to protect you and others, it might be a good idea to have someone initially go with you in the golf-cart to ensure that you are observing correct motor vehicle rules and regulations. Also, they can monitor your depth perception as many times this is skewed with TBI.


One way that I found to affectively increase your penmanship skills, is to handwrite your set of objectives on a daily basis. Not only does it keep you straight in your mind as you achieve each the objectives/tasks, it helps your executive thinking skills as well.

Public Speaking

Perhaps the best way to improve your speaking skills is to practice your pronunciation in front of a subjective audience. Be able to take their criticism as only constructive in nature.


The best way to practice speech is to do just that in front of an audience who will honestly scrutinize you.


I can’t stress enough the value of fitness relative to your cognitive recovery. A gym membership not only provides you the means for getting and staying fit but, membership monthly fees keep you aware that such physical training is necessary.